Drugged-up new mum blames baby blues after headbutting security guard and pushing Morrisons worker

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A NEW mum had taken 25 diazepam tablets when she headbutted a supermarket security man and pushed another worker into a newspaper stand.

Prolific criminal Claire Louise Ross, who has 140 offences to her name, claims she had post-natal depression when she went on the rampage at Morrisons, in Clarence Road, Hartlepool.

The town’s Magistrates’ Court heard that the 30-year-old, who had been spotted shop-lifting, pushed the woman Morrisons worker backwards into a newspaper stand before lashing out at the face of a security guard knocking his glasses to the ground.

And then seconds later as the guard followed Ross out of the store she turned and headbutted him to the cheek.

Prosecuting, Blair Martin said: “The defendant went into Morrisons about 6.30pm and she was seen by a member of the security staff to take tags off a number of items before trying to run from the shop.

“As the security guard chastised her, and a staff member was stood in the defendant’s way she pushed her backwards and she fell into a newspaper stand. She grazed the upper part of her hand and wrist area.

“Security staff spoke to Miss Ross and she swore at them.

“The security guard was struck by the defendant and knocked his glasses off, causing pain and reddening to his cheek bone.

“The defendant left the shop with £84 of items.

“The security guard followed the defendant and she continued to be abusive and non-compliant and then she butted him to the cheek area, the same area where she had struck him earlier.”

He added: “Police came and the defendant said she had picked up some razor blades and put them down her trousers. She couldn’t recall taking make-up.

“She tried to leave the store when she was stopped, and she said she had taken 25 diazepam tablets prior to going into the shop.

“She said she had been suffering from post natal depression and her sister was looking after her six-week-old child at the time.”

Ross, of Wilson Street, Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to stealing cosmetics worth £84 from Morrisons, and two counts of assault by beating on December 6 last year.

Mitigating, Stuart Haywood, said: “In terms of the assault her recollection as to what happened is that it wasn’t a deliberate act in terms of the shop worker - she was just trying to get past.

“She knew she’d been caught and she was in a rush to get out and she knocked into the lady working in the store.

“She accepts she may have caused her to fall backwards but it wasn’t a deliberate act.

“As for the security guard there was a degree of struggle and he was hurting her and she lashed out and acted accordingly. It wasn’t a prolonged attack and the only aggravated feature was the headbutt.

“But it can’t have been the most forceful of headbutts given that she’s charged with a simple matter of common assault.”

Mr Haywood added: “Most important thing to her is trying to be a parent.

“She is voluntarily working with MIND, and prior to this incident she is someone who has gone 12 months without troubling the court.”

Chairman of the magistrates’ bench Barbra Sutherland sentenced Ross to a 12-month community order with 12-months supervision, an eight-week curfew from 7pm until 7am, and £100 compensation.