Drunken mum who kicked woman in the face avoids jail sentence


A DRUNKEN mother-of-two who kicked a woman in the face has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Emma Wilson caused an eye injury to her victim which needed six stitches, Durham Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Robin Turton told the court the victim had been out for the evening with colleagues when her party came across Wilson and her family in the Shoulder of Mutton pub in Easington.

“There was a scuffle,” said Mr Turton. “The victim fell to the floor and Wilson kicked out with the bottom of her foot.

“She was pulled away by other people in the pub.

“The victim was treated at Sunderland Eye Infirmary where doctors confirmed the injury was consistent with being struck by a blunt instrument.

“Happily, the cut to her eyelid appears to have healed well, although there is still a mark visible under the eye.”

The court heard Wilson told police she couldn’t recall what happened, but thought the victim had been staring at her “full of hell”.

Wilson, 32 of Crawford Avenue, Peterlee, admitted unlawful wounding on December 15, last year.

Jane Waugh, mitigating, said: “Ms Wilson has kept out of trouble for 10 years.

“She was drunk that night, but now genuinely regrets what she did.

“She has bipolar disorder, and has been a victim of domestic violence in the past.

“Ms Wilson is the mother of two children, aged 13 and seven years, sending her to prison today would deprive them of what is effectively their sole parent.”

The Recorder, Mr Ian Atherton, sentenced Wilson to 16 months in prison, suspended for 16 months.

The recorder told her: “You kicked out recklessly and caused a nasty injury.

“You are a mature mother-of-two who had drunk far too much that night.

“I take the view your regret is genuine, and you are unlikely to offend again.”