Durham police supremo’s concern at probation in ‘chaos’

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A POLICE supremo continues to voice his concerns over what he sees as impending risks in privatising the probations service.

The probation service has descended into chaos since it was reorganised at the start of last month in preparation for handing 70 per cent of the service’s management to the private sector, according to Westminster and union sources.

According to a recent article in a national newspaper, hundreds of examples are emerging of people on probation who have not been assigned an officer, meaning that they are walking free without any assessments on whether they pose an increased risk to the public since sentencing.

Durham Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Ron Hogg said: “I warned in May, before the changes took place, that privatisation of the service was a step into the unknown and could potentially increase crime levels.”

He added: “Offenders should be properly assessed in all cases and I am concerned if some assessments are missed, or not done correctly, there could be an increased risk to public safety.”