Family cleared of drug dealing charge

THREE members of the same family who admitted growing cannabis have been cleared of charges of intending to deal drugs.

Thomas Robinson, 56, partner Catherine Kenny, 51, and their daughter, Stacey Robinson, 32, stood trial at Teesside Crown Court.

They were arrested after police found 17 cannabis plants, harvested cannabis and cash at Thomas Robinson and Kenny’s home in Skelton Street, Hartlepool.

A further 14 plants and 141 grams of cannabis were found in Stacey Robinson’s house a few doors away in the 
same street on November 4, 2009.

Thomas and Stacey Robinson told the court the cannabis was only to use themselves.

Kenny admitted knowing her partner grew the drug and ordering equipment for him but she did not use it.

All three pleaded guilty to production of cannabis found in their own homes but denied they allegations they intended to supply it.

Each defendant were found not guilty of possession of cannabis with intent to supply and possessing criminal property by a jury yesterday.

They were bailed yesterday after the end of their four-day trial.

All three will be sentenced for growing the drug on a date to be fixed.