Family install CCTV on baby’s grave in Hartlepool cemetery after repeated thefts

Ann-Marie Scotney and Carl Gorse at the grave of their son Aston Scotney Gorse
Ann-Marie Scotney and Carl Gorse at the grave of their son Aston Scotney Gorse

A DEVASTATED couple say they are being forced to put CCTV on their stillborn baby’s grave after it has been repeatedly targeted by thieves.

Ann-Marie Scotney and Carl Gorse lost their precious baby Aston Scotney-Gorse in July 2012 when he tragically died in his mother’s womb.

The heartbroken pair have also had to deal with a string of disgraceful thefts from his grave, including the small granite headstone which bore his name and details.

But now the couple – who have been donated a new and bigger headstone by York Road firm Milgreen – say they feel like they have been left with no other option but to put a security camera on the grave in a bid to protect it.

Ann-Marie says she was given the idea by a family whose relative’s grave is also in Stranton Cemetery, off Brierton Lane, with a tiny camera being inserted into their loved one’s headstone to capture any criminal activity which might take place.

She said: “It’s terrible that you have to even have to think about getting a security camera on the grave of a family member.

“What has the world come to?

“We’ve seen the one we want and we’re just saving up for it and should be able to buy it within the next couple of weeks. It’s shocking that people have had to start doing this.”

Carl added: “The council should spend more money on CCTV and security instead of spending it on things like that cemetery pub.”

Over the last year, toys have been stolen, and the granite name plaque that was stolen had previously been put in the cemetery bins.

Ann-Marie, 27, and Carl, 34, said the whole saga makes the grieving process a lot harder.

But they thanked Daryl Green from Milgreen for making them the new headstone which he even securely fixed into the ground so it cannot be removed by yobs.

Ann-Marie said: “Daryl put the new one into the ground so no-one can get it. We are chuffed to bits with it and want to do all we can to protect it.”

The pair, of Ellison Street, Hartlepool, were thrilled when Ann-Marie fell pregnant in October 2011 after meeting two-and-a-half years earlier.

But Ann-Marie suffered several complications throughout the pregnancy which resulted in unborn Aston’s heart stopping.