Firms are warned of scam

COMPANY bosses are being warned about a suppliers’ scam.

Fake letters are being sent out across the Cleveland Police force area purporting to be from business suppliers in a bid to dupe organisations into unknowingly paying crooks.

The notes state that the suppliers have changed their bank account details and that all future payments should be made to a new account rather than into the usual bank account.

But firms are being warned not to take any notice of the letter and to continue making payments in the regular way to their usual suppliers unless they are told directly by their clients to make any changes.

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: “The new account has no link to the supplier at all and has been set up by a fraudster.

“Police are advising any organisation that receives such a letter not to act upon it without first contacting the supplier directly using known a phone number and confirming the authenticity of the letter.”