Gas leak led police to uncover pervert’s twisted display of sick images of boys around fireplace

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A PERVERT created a sick display out of photos of young boys in his living room after he amassed a hoard of child porn.

Warped John Sumner, 55, made a collage of indecent pictures of youngsters around the fireplace of his home in Sheriff Street, Hartlepool.

Police discovered them, and scores of other pictures he had downloaded from the internet, after Sumner reported a gas leak, but then refused to answer his front door to his landlord.

Sue Jacobs, prosecuting at Teesside Crown Court, said: “Inside the front room was a large collage of images in plain view around the fireplace depicting naked males in provocative, sexual poses.

“They appeared to the officer to be under the legal age.

“The defendant was arrested and a further search of his address led to the discovery of a large amount of CD, DVDs and floppy discs, all with sexual references to their content.”

In total, he had collected 1,089 images and pseudo images of children. The majority were deemed at the lower end of illegality with a handful at the more extreme levels.

He admitted downloading them to police and later pleaded guilty to 19 charges of making indecent photographs and pseudo photographs plus four counts of possessing indecent photos and pseudo photos.

Miss Jacobs added: “He was asked about the images around the fire and he admitted downloading these and

making a collage and admitted they were indecent.”

The court heard how Sumner was deemed by the probation service to pose a high risk to teenage boys and he would not accept any form of treatment.

Ian Hudson, mitigating, said Sumner is suffering from a form of dementia caused by the sexually transmitted disease syphilis.

Mr Hudson said: “I accept he is a high risk and an immediate custodial sentence, despite his previous good character, is inevitable.”

Sentencing Sumner to 12 months prison, Judge Peter Bowers said: “You clearly have a distorted and perverted sexual appetite.

“You also lack the insight to realise that what you were doing was both morally and criminally wrong.

“You are unable or unwilling to accept any available help for your illness or even accept any help from the probation service with regard to your sexual appetites.”

He must also sign the Sex Offenders’ Register and was banned from working with children.