Grieving mum stabbed partner after row over baby death

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A GRIEVING mum snapped and stabbed her partner following a row over the death of their baby, a court heard.

Sarah Dickinson, 31, said Shane Summers constantly blamed her for the tragedy during their on-off relationship.

Teesside Crown Court heard how she picked up a kitchen knife and plunged it twice into his back after Mr Summers goaded her to do it.

It happened during a late-night argument at his home in Hartlepool town centre.

He lost a significant amount of blood and needed hospital attention.

But Dickinson, a mum of three, was spared jail yesterday after the court heard she had been the victim of two abusive relationships with men and needed help.

The court heard how the death of her little boy with father Mr Summers in November last year had put strain on their relationship.

Sue Jacobs, prosecuting, said the couple argued when Mr Summers returned home from the shops on July 2.

During the hour-long row Dickinson accused him of seeing another woman.

Ms Jacobs said: “They ended up in the kitchen around midnight. While arguing the defendant picked up a kitchen knife. The victim said ‘go on stab me then’.

“He turned his back to roll a cigarette and she duly stabbed him twice in the upper back area.

“His football shirt was heavily blood stained.”

Mr Summers staggered to his brother’s house nearby.

He was taken by ambulance James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough, where his wounds measuring an inch and 1.5in were stitched.

No further details of his injuries or the effect on him were known as he refused to co-operate with police and prosecutors.

Dickinson told police Mr Summers had grabbed her around the throat during the row and refused to leave the house when asked.

Stephen Constantine, mitigating, said Dickinson had been a victim of domestic abuse by Mr Summers and also another previous partner.

He said: “It would appear on this particular occasion there had been friction between the two of them.

“Miss Dickinson tells me a common theme was Mr Summers blamed her for the death of the baby and would use it as a psychological weapon against her.

“She describes his behaviour as relentless and never ending.”

Dickinson, now of Elsie Street, Goole, Yorkshire, admitted unlawful wounding.

Judge Michael Taylor said: “This is a serious matter.”

But he went on: “A psychiatric report tells me of the difficulties you have following the death of your son and the effect it had upon your relationship with Mr Summers and how you acted as a result of his behaviour.

“On the only evidence I’ve got, there’s clear evidence of provocation to a high extent which preyed on your mind and you acted as you did.

“In those circumstances a custodial sentence would be totally inappropriate.

“The only way to deal with you is to offer you assistance to make sure you don’t fall into such a trap again.”

Dickinson was made the subject of a community order with two years probation supervision.