Hartlepool boy, 15, who stabbed woman faces long sentence after being branded a ‘danger to the public’

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A 15-year-old Hartlepool boy who stabbed a woman while on police bail for attacking someone with a broken bottle faces being locked up for more than four years after experts said he poses a danger to the public.

The youth, who cannot be named due to his age, stabbed the 23-year-old woman in the street with a kitchen knife, puncturing her lung after a disturbance in a house.

I feel so lucky I’m still alive

Stabbing victim

Teesside Youth Court heard the woman had fled a house to get away from the teen during the fracas in the Dyke House area of town.

But he picked up a kitchen knife and stabbed her outside.

The victim was rushed to hospital with a punctured lung where she was treated for nine days.

Witnesses caught up in the incident said the youth acted like a “maniac” and the woman he stabbed later said she felt lucky to be alive.

The lad also assaulted a man and another female, damaged property including a car and police van, and threatened a man and the woman he stabbed with the knife. It all took place during the same incident late on Saturday, September 12, and the early hours of Sunday, September 13.

Lorraine Cooper, prosecuting, said: “The person most traumatised was the person that was stabbed.

“She was that frightened at the time she ran out of the house and was then stabbed.”

In a victim impact statement read in court the woman said how she is nervous to go out since the attack.

She said: “I would be very scared to leave the house if [he] was allowed to walk the streets. I feel so lucky I’m still alive.”

A man who was assaulted when he remonstrated with the youth said in a statement: “How much does [he] need to do before something can be done to him?

“He is constantly terrorising people and he gets away with it.”

Another witness said the violence was unprovoked and that the youth “acted like a maniac”.

It also emerged yesterday that the youth together with another lad attacked a male in Rodney Street, on July 16, after the victim refused to go to the shop for the co-accused. They both punched and kicked the victim while he was on the floor after the co-accused hit him over the head with a beer bottle causing it to smash. The first youth then picked up the broken bottle and hit the victim over the head with it.

He admitted charges of wounding with intent, wounding, threatening a person with an offensive weapon in public, three of criminal damage, two of assault by beating and a public order offence.

An assessment carried out by the youth offending service deemed him to be dangerous.

He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced at Teesside Crown Court which has greater sentencing powers on a date to be fixed.

District Judge Andrew Meachin said: “Clearly he is assessed as being dangerous. Having heard the facts of the other offence and putting the two together I think it is likely to be a sentence of four years plus potentially.”
He told the youth: “In those circumstances I have no choice, but to commit to the crown court for sentence.”