Hartlepool burglar hit four homes in 30 minutes – after taking ‘tablets’

Adrian Golden jailed for three years and nine months for being a second time three-strike burglar
Adrian Golden jailed for three years and nine months for being a second time three-strike burglar

A SERIAL burglar who invaded four people’s homes in just half an hour has been jailed.

Adrian Golden, 32, was caught inside three homes and another’s garden looking for things to steal after he took pills and prowled the streets.

These are difficult and distressing incidents

Judge Tony Briggs

A judge described the crimes as “difficult and distressing” for the victims and Golden got away with a mountain bike, laptop computer and mobile phone before he was tracked down by a police officer and arrested nearby.

Golden, who had taken ‘a number of tablets’, was jailed for three years and nine months at Teesside Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to three burglaries and one theft.

It is the second time he has been dealt with as a ‘three-strike’ burglar when he was given the minimum three years prison under the rule in 2012.

He was on licence after being released early at the time he committed his latest set of burglaries on February 12 this year.

Rachel Masters, prosecuting, said Golden was first disturbed by the homeowner at a house in Caledonian Road, Hartlepool, at around 7.45pm.

He made off after he was caught with one foot inside the hall looking at some coats hanging on a bannister.

Minutes later at around 8pm, a man who lived in Gloucester Street went to investigate after hearing a noise in his kitchen.

Miss Masters said: “He saw a man walking down the front garden. The occupier left in pursuit of the man and shouted ‘what are you doing?’”

Golden made an excuse about dropping off some rubbish and picked up his pace as he fled the property.

When the homeowner returned he discovered his laptop computer and mobile phone were missing from inside.

At around the same time Golden was seen walking away from a house in Wolviston Road with a woman’s mountain bike.

And at 8.15pm, another Gloucester Street resident called police after disturbing Golden in their home after he entered by the front door.

Golden, who had been wearing a distinctive deerstalker type hat and camouflage jacket, was arrested after he was found hiding in a nearby walkway.

Andrew Teate, mitigating, said Golden, of Ventnor Avenue, Hartlepool, had taken a number of tablets and tried the victims’ houses on his route home.

Mr Teate said: “He is realistic the sentence of the court will be one of immediate imprisonment.

“These burglaries have the hallmarks of anything other than a professional enterprise.

“They are not the worst type of dwelling house burglaries that one encounters.
“He apologises for his actions.”

Judge Tony Briggs said the sentence had to be longer than the usual three years because of his bad record for burglary.

Judge Briggs said: “These were unpleasant matters which resulted in the disturbance of at least one occupier and others were made aware of you shortly after the offences were committed.

“These are difficult and distressing incidents they have been subjected to and as you only too well know, the immediate consequence of committing them is custody.”