Hartlepool family to pay for car damaged after boy, 9, stole keys

Anthony Hubery with his car, which was damaged by a nine-year old joy rider in a stolen car.
Anthony Hubery with his car, which was damaged by a nine-year old joy rider in a stolen car.

A SHOCKED family who had their car smashed into by a vehicle after the keys were stolen by a nine-year-old boy are in a “no-win” situation as they try to pay for repairs.

The Mail reported how the primary school pupil burgled a house before rifling through drawers and stealing cash and two sets of keys.

Moments later the keys were used to steal a high-powered car which smashed into Anthony Hubery’s Renault Megane, parked outside the family home in Fulthorpe Avenue, in Hartlepool.

But the schoolboy will escape punishment as he is under the age of criminality.

Anthony, 29, who works at Walkers Crisps, in Peterlee, and his parents, Catherine, 50, and Keith, 55, an operator at a manufacturing firm, were out at the time of the smash but rushed back after a neighbour alerted them about what had happened.

But Catherine, who works for the Department for Work and Pensions and is on the insurance of the car, explained how they can’t claim against the boy because of his age and can’t afford to pay the £500 insurance excess or repairs, which have been estimated to cost about the same amount.

“We are just in a no-win situation now,” said the mum of Louise Garbutt, 32, Anthony and Marc, 25.

“We can’t claim against anybody’s insurance, we were going to look at the family claims court but you need somebody to be responsible and we just simply can’t afford to pay the repairs or the excess ourselves.”

The passenger side rear door of the car was badly damaged in the crash.

Catherine added: “I just couldn’t believe it when I found out that he was going to escape punishment because he is under the age of criminality. What kind of message does that sound out to that child?

“He’s going to think he can do anything and get away with it.

“Surely in a situation like this, the parents should have to take responsibility.

“If that was my kid in that situation I would have been around apologising immediately but we’ve heard nothing, nothing at all.”