Hartlepool man attacked estranged wife after she videoed him

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A father of two turned to violence when his wife took video footage of him on her camera phone.

Lee Tyson was trying to persuade his young son to accompany him on a family visit, Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard.

But his wife did not like the way Tyson was handling the situation and recorded what was happening on her mobile phone.

“His wife Janice was in the house at the time,” said David Ward, prosecuting.

“She did not like the way her husband was leading their child out of the house by the arm.

“She took out her phone to record the incident on video.

“Mr Tyson took exception to this, and rushed towards her.

“In the ensuing scuffle she suffered bruising to her arm, left bicep and knees.”

Tyson, 41, of Crowland Road, Hartlepool, admitted assault by beating on August 23.

He was of previous good character.

Neil Taylor, defending, said in mitigation: “Mr Tyson was simply trying to take the younger son downstairs for a pre-arranged visit to grandmother.

“The couple were in the process of a divorce, and this is one of those situations where they shouldn’t have been living under the same roof.

“Mr Tyson is a man of previous good character who routinely works away.

“He is no longer living in the matrimonial home.

“This conviction may have an impact on his employment, which in turn could impact on his family because he remains the breadwinner.”

The magistrates conditionally discharged Tyson for 12 months, and ordered him to pay £250 in fines and costs.