Hartlepool man kicked out at police called to domestic dispute

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A man alleged to have assaulted his partner kicked out at police who arrived to arrest him.

Christopher Harland became involved in a street dispute in the early hours, Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard.

“Two officers arrived to deal with it,” said Louise Harrison, prosecuting. “They decided to arrest Mr Harland.

“He became abusive, swearing at the officers, telling them to ‘bring it on’.

“He deliberately went to the ground, locking his body to make it difficult for the arrest to be made.

“Mr Harland told the officers they would never get him into the van.”

The court heard Harland was manhandled into the van head first.

Ms Harrison added: “As the struggle continued, he kicked one of the officers in the cheek, and the other on the forearm.”

Harland, 36, of Henderson Grove, Hartlepool, admitted two charges of assaulting a police officer on September 22.

Neil Taylor, defending, said in mitigation: “Mr Harland had dealt with one of the officers previously, so there was some lack of mutual respect.

“He had done nothing wrong that night, which is borne out because there were no charges from the domestic incident.

“At the time of the kicking, he was cuffed behind, face down in a police van.

“The contact with the officers was not deliberate, so this was not a premeditated attack on the police.

“They suffered no injury which required medical treatment, but Mr Harland was treated for concussion after hitting his head on the inside of the van.”

The magistrates ordered Harland to pay £390 in fines and costs.