Hartlepool man knocked officer unconscious as he tried to barge past police, court told

Court News
Court News

A HARTLEPOOL man attempted to barge by police when they tried to arrest him at a Glasgow bus station, a court heard.

Detective Constable Neil Guy claimed Michael Gales tried to escape when they approached him at Buchanan Bus Station.

The court was told he and his colleagues waited for Gales and Paul Smyth arriving at the depot in Glasgow city centre to arrest them.

Det Con Guy said as a result of Gales moving his arms about to try to get the officers off him they all fell to the ground.

He was giving evidence at Glasgow Sheriff Court at the trial of Gales and Smyth.

Gales, 37, faces charges of resisting, obstructing or hindering Det Con Guy and possession of a knife on December 14, 2013.

He is also accused of assaulting Det Sgt Brian Gibbons by struggling with him, repeatedly pushing him, cause his head to strike the ground to his loss of consciousness, permanent impairment and to the danger of his life.

Smyth, 36, is accused of assaulting PCs Eric Joiner and Gillian Russell by struggling violently.

The officer went towards Gales when he first saw him, with his colleague Det Sgt Gibbons and told him why they were there.

Det Con Guy said he used an “authoritative tone” and that Gales stopped and looked at him.

The officer told the jury: “As I went to take control of his right hand after informing him of the reason I was stopping him, he then tried to barge past us.

“He lunged forward with his body weight, I believe he was trying to run away and push in between myself and detective Sergeant Gibbons.”

He said he thought the “force” of Gales trying to get the officers off him was the cause of them being on the ground but wasn’t sure how it caused it.

Det Con Guy said Gales was lying beside him on the ground and Det Sgt Gibbons was on his back and appeared unconscious. He said his colleague was on the ground for less than a minute then he started to get up, holding his head.

The constable said his colleague, Det Sgt Gibbons was taken to hospital and that when he saw him later he was “very confused”.

Stephen Bentley, defending Gales, suggested to the constable that it was as a result of his size and weight that the men fell to the ground, not through Gales struggling – but the officer denied it.

Mr Bentley asked: “Is it not possible that perhaps it’s yourself in fact, that is responsible” and the officer replied: “Not at all.”

The court heard Gales’ position is that he did not see any warrant card produced by Det Sgt Gibbons or hear anyone say “police”.

Gales and Smyth deny the charges and the trial before sheriff Paul Crozier continues.