Hartlepool man pulled Taser on doormen who asked him to leave pub at 3.45am

MARTIN WEBB: threatened bouncers with a Taser gun.
MARTIN WEBB: threatened bouncers with a Taser gun.

A MAN drew a Taser gun on bouncers in an early-hours pub row.

Martin Lee Webb was in The Showroom pub, in Victoria Road, in Hartlepool, when he was asked to leave at closing time.

The 41-year-old tried to take his drinks with him and threatened to ‘headbutt and bite the noses off’ the door staff if they attempted to stop him.

Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard that Webb was forcibly removed from the premises but once outside he pulled out the electrical incapacitation device.

Webb threatened to Taser the bouncers before switching on the weapon – normally used by police officers to temporarily paralyse potentially dangerous suspects.

Blue electric sparks could be seen coming from the taser gun, as well as loud buzzing noises.

Prosecuting Joanne Hesse told justices: “The defendant was in The Showroom public house at 3.45am and door staff were getting ready to close the premises and were asking customers to drink up and leave.

“Door staff approached the defendant and noticed he had several drinks left and they asked him to finish.

“The defendant attempted to leave the premises with a couple of drinks and was told he couldn’t take drinks from the premises and was requested to leave.

“The defendant stated to door staff that he would headbutt them and bite their noses off if they tried to stop him.

“He was physically removed from the pub and he produced a red implement and continued to threaten and be abusive to door staff before threatening to taser them.

“He proceeded to activate the device causing blue electric sparks to come from the device and it was also making loud electrical buzzing noises.

“He then walked away from the premises and was detained nearby by police.”

She added: “When officers arrested him, in the trousers of his pocket there was a clear plastic bag containing cocaine.

“When he was in custody he was strip searched and a red plastic tube-like object was recovered from his boxer shorts.

“That object was examined by an expert firearms officer who said it was a Taser capable of producing electric voltage.”

Webb, who used a crutch in court to help him walk and had to sit in the public gallery during the hearing because he could not manage the stairs down to the actual courtroom floor, pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine, possession of a weapon without the authority of the Secretary of State namely an electrical incapacitation device, and also using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, all on August 23.

Mitigating, Helen Sabiston said her client was given the taser and the drugs by a member of the party he was out with earlier that evening.

She said: “He initially thought it was a torch, and one button did activate a torch and another activated an electric charge.

“He pressed the other button and actually gave himself a minor shock.

“Having said that there is CCTV showing it was illuminated outside when he’d been physically ejected.”

She added: “He is a man who doesn’t go out very often it has to be said. He has significant health problems, and he tells me this was only the second time he’s been out in about seven years because of that.”

Chairman of the bench Elizabeth Carroll adjourned the case until October 31, for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Webb, of Musgrave Walk, in the Burbank area of Hartlepool, was bailed until that date.