Hartlepool thug’s ‘soft’ jail term for neck stabbing is increased

Liam Rowbotham
Liam Rowbotham

A KNIFE yob jailed for stabbing a reveller in the neck nearly killing him has had his sentence increased after senior judges ruled the original term was too soft.

The country’s most senior lawyer, the Attorney General, ordered a review into the case of Hartlepool man Liam Rowbotham.

Scales of justice

Scales of justice

Rowbotham, 20, was sentenced to four years jail in June following a violent attack on a man outside a nightclub in February.

He stabbed victim Jamie Hunt in the neck during a fight.

Rowbotham narrowly missed a main artery and Mr Hunt needed an emergency blood transfusion.

He pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and possession of an offensive weapon.

But yesterday the Court of Appeal in London found the sentence imposed at Teesside Crown Court was too lenient and upped it to seven years and two months.

Speaking after the hearing, Attorney General, Jeremy Wright QC MP, said: “Liam Rowbotham has a violent history. On the night of the attack, he deliberately armed himself with a knife and during a fight stabbed his victim, causing him serious injury.

“I referred this case to the Court of Appeal as unduly lenient because the original sentence failed to reflect the seriousness of the attack. It is also important that those who inflict violence on our streets and those who carry and use knives are properly punished.

“I am pleased that the court has today increased his sentence to seven years and two months’ imprisonment and hope that this gives some reassurance to the public.”

Rowbotham, formerly of Jesmond Square, Hartlepool, had previous convictions for unlawful wounding in 2009 and causing grievous bodily harm with intent in 2012.

He plunged a broken bottle into a man’s neck at a Christmas party in 2011.

And in June 2009, he fractured a man’s arm after stamping on it.