‘He said he would have them arrested’ – Twisted Hartlepool man used threats to make girls perform sex acts

VILE: Peter Jeffery
VILE: Peter Jeffery

A MANIPULATIVE pervert has been branded “a predatory paedophile” by a judge after he persuaded a string of vulnerable teenage girls to perform degrading sex acts over the internet.

Peter Jeffery, 29, even created different internet identities of himself which he used to blackmail victims into acting out his sick fantasies using the Skype live video messaging service.

He also threatened to send child pornography pictures to one girl’s dad to get him jailed if she did not do as he demanded.

Jeffery, from Hartlepool, encouraged four schoolgirls who lived hundreds of miles away to strip and perform sex acts on web cameras, after contacting them via Skpye and other social media such as Facebook.

But the court heard he had also tried to contact many more girls including friends of his victims.

The court heard he targeted girls who had been self harming after trawling teen chatrooms.

Jodie Kidd, prosecuting, said Jeffery used two opposing intenet personalities to manipulate his first victim, a teenager in the south of England, on Skpye.

Ms Kidd said the girl formed a close bond with someone using the name Logan while another profile, called Rock n Roll, asked her to perform sex acts. But both were Jeffery.

When the girl refused to take a web camera into the shower Jeffery threatened to send indecent pictures, including doctored pictures of the victim having sex with animals, to ‘Logan’, and her dad.

Ms Kidd said: “for being in possession of the images, the result being both would be jailed.”

Depraved Jeffery also made the girl commit a degrading sex act on camera despite her crying.

And he used threats to try to get her to commit sexual activity with her own younger siblings.

Judge Howard Crowson said: “Using the two personalities you manipulated her so she acted in ways she would never have conceded without your involvement.

“She and her younger brothers felt you were seeking to put their father in prison.”

But they told their parents and the police became involved.

Around the same time Jeffery, using his real name, also contacted a friend of the victim through Facebook and persuaded her to strip down to her knickers on several occasions.

And he tried to get her younger sister to take her clothes off on camera, but she refused.

Jeffery was arrested at home last May when police discovered 121 indecent images of children on his laptop.

It was also found he had been sending messages to 45 different girls using three Skype accounts.

But after being released on bail for investigation Jeffery went on to contact another vulnerable schoolgirl, with a history of self harming, through Skype.

Ms Kidd said after talking on a daily basis he got her to take off all her clothes and perform sex acts.

Jeffery also sent her a disgusting video of himself.

The court heard how the offences have had “an enormous effect” on the girl and her family including her dad whose serious illness has been made worse by all the stress.

Jeffery, of Ellison Street, pleaded guilty to 13 counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, two of making indecent images of children, and one of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

Ian Mullarkey, mitigating, said: “Clearly, Mr Jeffery had some personal difficulties at the time.”

He said he was “socially isolated” adding: “He realises the harm he has done.”

Judge Crowson added: “You are in my view a manipulative paedophile. You are quite adept at exploiting vulnerable young girls and persuading them to behave out of character entirely for your sexual gratification.”

Jailing him for nine years, Judge Crowson added: “It is the least sentence I can contemplate for what was a catalogue of predatory paedophile acts upon young girls who should have been safe in their own homes but weren’t.”

Detective constable Karl Hunt, of Cleveland Police said: “Cleveland Police is pleased with the sentence given by the court as it sends a clear message to those who seek to abuse children online that their actions will not be tolerated.

“Cleveland Police takes all reports of sexual abuse online extremely seriously and I hope that today’s sentence provides those victims of online abuse the confidence to come forward. Cleveland Police will continue to investigate thoroughly incidents of online abuse and do everything we can to keep children safe.”