‘Help me get my quad bike back’

Quad bike theft victim nine year old Jamie Shaw.
Quad bike theft victim nine year old Jamie Shaw.

A SCHOOLBOY has been left devastated after thieves broke into his garden and stole his quad bike.

Raiders crept into Jamie Shaw’s back garden, in West View Road, Hartlepool, and took his prized possession.

The nine-year-old West View Primary School pupil had hours of fun riding the blue camouflage-coloured Thundercat 90cc bike.

But Jamie woke up on Friday to hear callous thieves had ran off with the vehicle.

Jamie’s mum, Angela Stewart, a 40-year-old staff nurse at the University Hospital of Hartlepool, said: “He is absolutely devastated.

“When he woke up and I said someone’s pinched your bike he thought it was an April Fool at first.

“But then when he realised I was serious, he was absolutely traumatised.

“He said he is angry that it’s happened. “If anybody gets offered the bike, please inform the police.

“Jamie just wants his bike back.”

Angela, who has a partner called Billy Shaw, a 46-year-old offshore worker, said the thieves must have had to carry the bike as it had an immobiliser fitted and the battery was flat.

Jamie was given the bike as a Christmas present in 2009.

Angela, who is also mum to Samantha, 21, and 17-year-old Daniella, said: “They must have got over a fence and opened the side gate and lifted it over the wall.

“I found a long black piece of plastic from the bike so it must have come off.”

Inspector Peter Howarth, of Hartlepool Police, confirmed the theft is being investigated and said: “If anybody has seen this quad bike please phone Cleveland Police and we will act upon any information.”

The incident took place some time between 11pm on Thursday and 7.30am on Friday.

Anyone with information is asked to call Hartlepool Police on (01642) 326326 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.