Hospital patient struck out at health worker

A hospital patient struck out at a health worker who was trying to help him.

Saturday, 7th September 2019, 5:30 pm
University Hospital of North Tees.

Jamie Shillaw struck the patient flow coordinator at University Hospital, North Tees, after being admitted in the early hours.

Shillaw was ordered to pay compensation to his victim by a district judge at Teesside Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecutor Anne Mitchell said police paid a welfare visit to Shillaw at his Hartlepool home after concerns were raised about his health.

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“It was decided to admit him to hospital and an ambulance was called,” Ms Mitchell told the court.

“In the hospital his behaviour became increasingly erratic. He was dragging chairs and other furniture around the ward.

“At one point, Shillaw attempted to get out of a window, apparently thinking it was a door.”

The court heard Shillaw made his way out of the hospital against medical advice.

He was approached by the patient flow coordinator near the ambulance pick-up point.

“The coordinator wanted to guide him back into the hospital,” added Ms Mitchell.

“He put his hand on Shillaw’s shoulder, who responded by striking out. The blow hit the coordinator on the arm.

“Security was called, and Shillaw was taken to the ground. Police were called to arrest him.”

Shillaw, 38, of Whin Meadows, Hartlepool, denied assaulting an emergency worker on July 15.

He admitted the offence on the morning his trial was due to start.

District Judge Timothy Capstick asked Shillaw why he didn’t plead guilty straight away. Shillaw said he had followed legal advice.

Neil Taylor, defending, said: “He is already on a community order. Progress and compliance with that has been good.”

Judge Capstick sentenced Shillaw to a community order of six months, a curfew of eight weeks, and ordered him to pay £100 compensation and £100 costs.

The judge told him: “The patient flow coordinator was doing his job. People in his position can expect protection from the court.”