How you can report rogue bikers as Hartlepool authorities vow to tackle 'the life threatening activities of the reckless off-roaders'

New strategies to tackle dangerous off road bikers were discussed at a residents meeting after it raised fears someone could be killed.

Sunday, 25th August 2019, 9:00 am
A bike seized by police after allegedly being ridden around the Rift House estate on August 22.

The Fens Residents Association called the meeting after incidents of quad and trail bikers riding at high speed on estate roads and green spaces reached 'critical' level.

It was attended by the team leader of the Hartlepool Community Safety Team, which involves council, police and fire officials working from an office inside Hartlepool Police Station.

A police community support officer who has been appointed to deal with the issue town wide was also present along with two ward councillors.

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People are being urged to report incidents and intelligence about where machines are being stored.

A spokesperson for the Fens Residents Association said: "Although this is a problem affecting not just the Fens but the whole of Hartlepool the ongoing teamwork between this residents association, the council and the police allows us to make progress in tackling this menace.

"The routes used by the culprits and the times they use them were closely examined and new strategies discussed.

"Obviously at this stage details cannot be disclosed, but the reckless riders will soon come to realise that their life threatening excursions are going to be curtailed, and if they persist the consequences for them could be far reaching."

The spokesperson added failure to report incidents is adding to the problem.

They said: "The key to combating the life threatening activities of the reckless off-roaders and any other lawbreakers including drug dealers, thieves and vandals really does lie in the hands of all responsible residents of Hartlepool."

As well as calling Cleveland Police on 101, residents can also report offenders anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Footage or still images from CCTV, mobile phones which clearly show facial details of the offenders, or markings on off-road vehicles will help.

The association also urges people to report information to their ward councillors and to contact the Hartlepool Community Safety Team on (01429) 523100 or email them on [email protected]

The team will also keep callers' details private.

"If we don't work together we won't win," added the spokesperson.