Jail for eBay scammer who conned thousands of pounds from people across the the country

Peterlee Magistrates Court
Peterlee Magistrates Court

AN ONLINE fraudster has been jailed after conning thousands of pounds out of people from around the country by promising car parts for sale on eBay.

But after money was transferred into Jamie David Parker’s bank account, he failed to deliver the goods, leaving his victims out of pocket.

The 32-year-old advertised car engines for sale for about £1,500 each time, but despite money changing hands, he never stumped up the goods.

Parker was due to stand trial at Peterlee Magistrates’ Court earlier this week, but changed his plea to guilty.

He admitted six counts of fraud by false representation, committed between October 1 and November 5, last year, after the Crown Prosecution Service accepted a basis of plea.

The court heard Parker had used the money for personal gain to pay for a £2,000 drugs debt.

Reports first came into police around 12 months ago regarding Parker, of Quantock Place, Peterlee,

The victims claimed they had been conned into transferring cash into his bank account outside of the secure PayPal method of payment.

The total fraud came to £9,500, all relating to the advertised sale on eBay of car engines for about £1,500 each time.

No property was ever received by the victims and they have been left out of pocket as no money was ever returned.

There were six victims from around the country, from as far south as Essex and South Wales, and Bedfordshire, West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Derbyshire.

A fast track probation report was received by the court and magistrates sentenced Parker to 23 weeks custody for each offence, all to run concurrently.