Jail for thug who slashed friend’s face then rang hospital to mock him

Teesside Crown Court
Teesside Crown Court

A MAN who slashed his friend across the face before ringing him in hospital and mocking him over his injury has been caged for almost six years.

Qasim Aksar, 25, from Billingham, mocked the man as he was in the hospital at 3am with 20 stitches, saying “how’s your face?”.

The pair had been long-time friends and Aksar told police when he was arrested two days later that he thought he had just scratched him.

Aksar denied the man’s claim that they had an intimate relationship, Teesside Crown Court was told.

Prosecutor Paul Reid said that the victim claimed that Aksar called at his Stockton home on October 25 and said they had some intimacy before he left at 1.30am only to return later.

The man had drunk seven cans of lager and Aksar kept filling up his glass to get him drunk.

The pair then became embroiled in an altercation and Aksar made a sudden slashing movement towards his victim’s face and he received a huge wound which bled heavily.

He rang the police and he was treated in James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough.

Mr Reid added: “At 3am he received a phone call from the defendant laughing and asking how his face was. The man told him that the police were looking for him.”

Aksar told police that the man was violent in drink 
and had swung an object at him.

Aksar claimed that he snatched it away and he hit him with it.

In a Victim Impact statement, the man said that he had been left with a permanent scar about which he was self conscious about and he had been embarrassed having to give details of their relationship.

Nicholas Peacock, mitigating, said that Aksar had always maintained that he was not in an intimate relationship with the man but that something had happened that night to escalate the situation.

He said that Aksar had a genuine remorse but he had not been able to get to grips with the situation.

The judge told Askar that he had cut the man from the jawline to the hairline and it was quite deep.

Judge Howard Crowson said: “Whether it was a knife or some other form of blade is not for me to determine.

“You called him after the event mocking the injury. The only credit I can give you is limited.”

Aksar, of Roscoe Road, Billingham, was jailed for five years and 10 months after he pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

He was also given an indefinite restraining order banning contact with the man.