Jail for yobs who punched, kicked and stabbed ‘friend’

Kenneth Brown and, below, Dylan Longstaff
Kenneth Brown and, below, Dylan Longstaff

TWO men who beat a friend in the hallway of his home have been jailed.

Kenneth Brown and Dylan Longstaff launched their attack on Scott Lennon after calling to see him, Durham Crown Court heard.

Dylan Longstaff

Dylan Longstaff

“They knocked on the door of Mr Lennon’s house at 6am,” said Stephen Duffield, prosecuting.

“He answered the door, turned to let them in, and there followed a sustained attack which lasted between 10 and 15 minutes.

“Mr Lennon was punched, kicked, and one of his attackers picked up scissors which were in the hall and stabbed him in the thigh.

“One attacker shouted: ‘Where’s my brother?’

“The attack ended as quickly as it had begun.”

Mr Lennon, 26, of Ocean View, Blackhall Colliery, suffered cuts, bruises and needed stitches to an eye injury.

He told police later he was traumatised by the attack, and feared he was going to be killed by people who he thought were friends.

Longstaff, 20, of Tweddle Crescent, and Brown, 22, of Fifth Street, both Blackhall Colliery, both admitted unlawful wounding on March 30.

Brown admitted two separate charges of common assault on his ex-partner Sharon Dove, and a charge of arson on August 10.

Mr Duffield added: “The arson relates to an alleged debt Brown thought he was owed by another man.

“Brown threw a petrol bomb at a car belonging to the other man’s father.

“The bomb caused minor damage to the car.”

Jane Waugh, for Brown, said he was still only a young man and ‘not a complete waste of space’ because he has a good work ethic.

Michael Cahill, for Longstaff, said he also has a strong work ethic and hopes to leave the Blackhall area to make a fresh start.

Judge Christopher Prince jailed Brown for 42 months for all offences, and jailed Longstaff for 28 months for the wounding.

The judge said: “This was a sustained attack on a man who was alone in his own home, and who was vulnerable having just got up.

“The arson by Brown was also serious.

“He was wandering the streets in the early hours with petrol bombs and was prepared to use them.”

Brown was banned indefinitely from contacting his ex-partner, and banned indefinitely from visiting the area of the Blackhall Colliery Estate where she lives.