Jailed: Hartlepool serial thief who has 31 convictions at age of 20


A 20-year-old man who has 31 convictions for theft has been jailed for six months.

Daniel Wiley stole from three shops, a car, and a scrapyard despite being on a suspended sentence for burglary, Teesside Crown Court heard.

“He stole a satnav from a parked car,” said Rachel Masters, prosecuting. “The next offence was at Asda in Marine Way, Hartlepool, when he stole a vest after taking items of clothing into a changing room to try on.

“Wiley left Sainsbury’s without paying for two jars of Nescafe instant coffee.

“He stole more jars of coffee from Morrisons.

“The last offence was the theft of a length of copper cable from Sims Metal Management in Hartlepool.”

Wiley, of Elliott Street, Hartlepool, admitted five offences of theft between August 4 and October 3.

He admitted being in breach of a suspended sentence, and breaching a conditional discharge.

Andrew Teate, defending, said in mitigation: “These were all low value thefts, committed to get money for food and clothing.

“Mr Wiley was in a desperate situation, being unable to claim housing benefit because he is under 25.

“It appears the only benefits he is entitled to amount to about £50 a week.

“This leaves him with a problem.

“He has the offer of free accommodation, which he says will enable him to get by without stealing.”

Judge Peter Armstrong sentenced Wiley to six months in a young offenders’ institution.

The judge told him: “These theft offences were carried out when you were subject to a suspended sentence for burglary.

“They may have been small thefts, but there comes a time when even low value shoplifting has to be met with custody if you keep doing it.

“Six months is the least sentence I can pass in the circumstances.”

Wiley must pay a £1,000 criminal court charge and court surcharge.

“I wish the person well who has to try to collect that,” said the judge.