Jilted Hartlepool man claimed on facebook that his ex was an escort girl

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A jilted lover posted lewd images of women on the internet and claimed his former partner was a prostitute.

Ian Davidson used two pixelated images from an escort girl website and superimposed his former partner’s face on them, Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard.

Prosecutor Philip Morley said the images on Davidson’s Facebook page were seen by the 22-year-old victim’s sister, and some of her friends and family.

Mr Morley said the doctored images were accompanied by offensive and suggestive captions.

The victim denied she was a prostitute or member of any escort website.

Under cross-examination from Stewart Haywood, defending, the victim conceded the description of ‘Amy’ was similar to her own appearance.

The victim added: “When we heard about this we looked at some of the descriptions on the websites.

“They could have applied to almost anyone.

“It is simply not true to say I was advertising myself on those sites.

“When I saw what he had put about me on Facebook I was worried, upset, angry, it was mixed emotions.”

The court heard the posts were removed after they had been public for about an hour.

Davidson, 31, of Drayton Road, Hartlepool, denied harassment on April 30.

He also denied common assault and criminal damage on April 9.

Those offences related to claims there was a scuffle between him and the same victim during which the windscreen of her car was smashed.

The magistrates found him guilty of harassment, and not guilty of the other two offences.

Davidson previously admitted criminal damage and vehicle taking on April 10 in relation to a different woman.

On that occasion he smashed a mirror, ornaments and blinds in the woman’s house in Hartlepool before taking her Nissan Micra.

The magistrates bailed Davidson to return to court on September 10 to be sentenced for all offences.