Killer faces life for murder of ‘best mate’

Cole Wislon
Cole Wislon

A KILLER who murdered his sister’s boyfriend has been told he is facing life behind bars.

John Blackburn attacked Cole Wilson with a kitchen knife, leaving him with fatal wounds to his head and chest.

The 20-year-old bled to death within minutes in the living room at a house in Peterlee, where the attack happened last September.

Blackburn denied murder, but was convicted by a jury after a trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

The case was adjourned until March, but Judge Paul Sloan warned the 20-year-old he will receive a life sentence.

Judge Sloan said: “There is only one sentence to be passed in your case and that is a sentence of custody for life. I am duty bound by Parliament to set a minimum term which you must serve before you can even be considered for release.

“I am going to adjourn the sentence for reports so I have all the available information before me when I do pass sentence upon you.”

The attack happened in the living room at Blackburn’s girlfriend Kim McGuire’s house at Sledmere Close, Peterlee.

During the trial Jade Blackburn, 21, wept as she described to jurors how Cole told her “I love you” and then kissed her just moments before he died from the wounds inflicted by her brother.

Mr Wilson, who was from Walker, Newcastle, bled heavily from both injuries and died within minutes as a result of blood loss.

Blackburn, of Holywell Avenue, Walker, denied murder throughout the trial.

He told the court Cole had been his “best mate” and that he had not meant to stab him.

Detective Superintendent Ken Donnelly, of Durham Police, said after the verdict: “John Blackburn was involved in a violent attack which left a young man dead and he has been found guilty of murder.

“We hope the sentence he receives serves as a warning to others that if they resort to violence, particularly using knives, they will suffer the consequences.”