Knife attack case: Jury continue deliberations on allegations

The case is being heard at Teesside Crown Court.
The case is being heard at Teesside Crown Court.

A jury trying the case of a man accused of a knife attack will continue deliberations today.

John Weegram is alleged to have slashed John Carter multiple times with a craft knife during the attack on a path off Ocean Road in Hartlepool.

Weegram is further accused of witness intimidation by threatening to 'do the same' to Mr Carter's brother, Kevin, in a telephone call which was taped.

The jury heard John Carter was reluctant at first to name his attacker, but did so when prompted by prosecutor Paul Reid.

Ian Mullarkey, defending, put it to Mr Carter the stabbing was nothing to do with Weegram, but was part of a feud Mr Carter was having with another family.

Mr Carter insisted it was Weegram who had attacked him.

Weegram told the jury he was in his house with his elderly mother at the time of the attack.

He said he had agoraphobia which meant he rarely left the house, and preferred to be on his own when he did.

Judge Sean Morris told the jury they must not talk about the case over the weekend, and they will resume their deliberations on Monday.

Weegram, 48, of Lowdale Lane, Hartlepool, denies wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm on October 17 last year.

He denies witness intimidation on October 20.