LISTEN: Angela Wrightson murder: Teenage killers made call to police asking for lift home

The two teenage girls convicted of murdering Angela Wrightson called police for a lift home after they left the scene of the crime, it can now be revealed.

An audio recording was released by police today of a phone call made by the two teenage killers shortly after 4am on December 9 - the day Ms Wrightson's body was discovered.

The Snapchat image, which was revealed during the trial.

The Snapchat image, which was revealed during the trial.

This is the time at which they had left the woman's home in Stephen Street, having carried out a brutal attack on her using an array of weapons, including a shovel.

In this call to Cleveland Police, they requested that police officers come to collect them from the street as they were “f****** freezing” - and had already called up once before.

They go on to argue with the police call handler, telling her she is being “funny” and repeatedly ask how long it will be until their lift arrives to take them home.

The call handler has to ask the girls to repeat themselves numerous times, as they are laughing on the line.

During their trial at Leeds Crown Court, Snapchat images were released of the two girls in the back of the police van.

In the image, the girl said: “In the back on the bizzle van again.”