Man, 66, denies five rapes on two different victims in Hartlepool

A 66-year-old man has gone on trial accused of the multiple rapes of two women.

Monday, 29th April 2019, 4:13 pm
Updated Monday, 29th April 2019, 4:20 pm
The case is being held at Teesside Crown Court.

Jeffrey Waite was alleged to be wearing nothing but a long coat when he attacked his first victim in Hartlepool several decades ago.

Waite is alleged to have plied his second victim with alcohol before raping her at another house in Hartlepool.

The second victim was under 16 at the time, a jury at Teesside Crown Court heard.

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"That case is a retrial," said Simon Reevell, prosecuting. "The first jury was unable to reach a verdict.

"The other alleged victim had spoken to police, and she was aware of the first trial.

"She made her complaint after the jury was unable to reach a verdict."

The jury was told Waite raped his alleged adult victim 'wearing a coat, that's all'.

"He must have looked like a badly dressed flasher," said Mr Reevell.

"He forced himself on the woman and raped her, telling her he would say it was her fault if she complained.

"On another occasion he appeared at her front door.

"When she answered his knock, he raped her in the entrance hall way.

"Once again, he made the same threats about saying it was all her fault."

The second victim screamed when she was attacked, the court heard.

"She recalls Waite had one hand over her mouth," said Mr Reevell.

"She remembers the smell of alcohol and cigarettes on his breath.

"He took her to a nightclub where, fortunately, she met a friend who offered to walk her home.

"Waite's position is, put simply, the accounts are all lies, it did not happen."

Waite, of no fixed abode, denies five charges of rape.

The trial is expected to take five days.