Man fined for verbally abusing two council staff at allotment site

Councillor Peter Jackson
Councillor Peter Jackson

A MAN has been fined after verbally abusing two council staff in a row at an allotment site.

Brian Baker, 55, of Forfar Road, Hartlepool, was found guilty by the town’s magistrates of breaching the 1986 Public Order Act during ther incident.

Baker who denied the offence, confronted the two members of Hartlepool Council’s Allotment Team when they visited the Stranton Allotments site on a routine matter, un-related to him.

The officers noticed that a vehicle belonging to Mr Baker was on the allotment site and asked him why this was the case – in line with the policy of challenging unauthorised or suspicious vehicles on allotment sites as part of its on-going efforts to reduce fly-tipping and other crime and anti-social behaviour.

The court heard he swore at and insulted the officers, and also intimidated them by banging on the side of their van.

Councillor Peter Jackson, Chair of Hartlepool Council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee, said council employees should be allowed to get on with their jobs without being subjected to harassment.

Councillor Jackson said: “I welcome the prosecution and fine which I hope will serve as a warning to other people who might be tempted to behave towards council employees in such a manner.

“I would call on people to respect all council staff and to let them carry out their duties unhindered.”

Baker was fined £110 with a £20 victim surcharge and £310 court costs.