Man in court after ‘borrowing’ girlfriend’s car without permission – or a licence

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A MAN has been slapped with a court bill after “assuming” he was allowed to drive his girlfriend’s car.

Paul Carter spotted his girlfriend’s car keys on a window sill at the front door.

And as the 24-year-old had been given permission to drive the vehicle before he assumed he could drive it again.,

But when he was stopped by police he got in trouble with the law.

Prosecuting, Tahira Bouchier told Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court: “A police officer was on routine patrol in Warren Road and did a check on an orange-coloured Peugeot. It was revealed there was only a female named driver on the insurance and it was clear that a male was driving it.

“The vehicle was stopped and the defendant was the driver. He said he had no driving licence, no insurance and had taken his girlfriend’s vehicle without consent.”

She added: “The defendant’s girlfriend confirmed it had been taken without her consent. She said the keys were on the window sill by the front door and the defendant had taken it.”

Carter, of Bruntoft Avenue, in the West View area of Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle otherwise than in accordance than with a licence, driving without insurance and taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent, all on January 11.

Mitigating, Tony Jackson, said: “It’s only just taking without consent because this was the vehicle belonging to his girlfriend. While she did not give him specific consent, he got up, came downstairs and the keys were there and he went to the shop. On other occasions he had been given permission so he made an assumption. He shouldn’t have been doing it though and has pleaded guilty.”

Chairman of the bench Martin Slimmings added six points to Carter’s licence, fined him £110, ordered him to pay £85 costs, and a £20 victim surcharge.