Man threatened scaffolders who laughed at his injured brother

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A MAN who saw red when his young brother came home with a bloody nose was given a suspended jail sentence for threatening a gang of scaffolders who laughed at him.

The scaffolders were working near Gary Cooper’s house when his teenage brother fell off his bike and bashed his nose.

Prosecutor Rachel Masters told Teesside Crown Court the men told police that the youngster had been staring at them before he fell off his bike.

They laughed at him and the lad picked himself up and said: “What are you looking at?” before walking towards them. One of the men then told him: “Don’t be a prat mate”.

The lad ran into a nearby house, and a few minutes later Cooper came out and he accused them of hitting his brother.

He looked very irate and he picked up a piece of scaffolding tube, and he walked towards the three scaffolders holding it as if it was a baseball bat.

Miss Masters said that one scaffolder ran off and Cooper, 24, shouted after him: “Come here, come here.”

Police who were in the vicinity went to the scene and they detained him.

Cooper said in interview: “I made a complaint to the police about my brother’s assault but I was arrested.”

Jim Withyman, defending, said that Cooper needed some structure in his life, which he could get if the court gave him a community order.

Cooper, of Chester Road, Hartlepool, was given a nine -month jail sentence suspended for two years with 12 months’ supervision and £80 victim surcharge after he pleaded guilty to affray on April 28 last year.