Mark Denton murder trial: Girlfriend’s tears as she says former boxer was ‘full of cuddles’

Sarah Kinnie
Sarah Kinnie

THE girlfriend of Mark Denton was called into the witness box for more cross-examination on day three of the murder trial.

Sarah Kinnie, who fought back tears during her first day giving evidence on Thursday, broke down as she was asked to describe the attack at the house in Hutton Avenue.

When asked by John Elvidge QC, defending Sowerby, what the conditions were like in the room she said: “Horrific, traumatic, upsetting” before geing granted a break after becoming upset.

She agreed with Middleton’s barrister Tim Roberts it had been a late decision by Mark to go to the party.

Miss Kinnie said she did not see Middleton strike Mark with the axe, but did see him punching her boyfriend to the body.

Mr Roberts suggested the violence started with a one-on-one confrontation between Mark and Sowerby, and Middleton only became involved later.

Miss Kinnie accepted from her position in the room with Mark’s back to her, she didn’t see Sowerby land any blows on Mark with the axe.

But she added she did see him holding it in front of his body.

When questioned about her relationship with Mark, she admitted they had their “ups and downs like any couple”.

But she added: “Mark was just a big child, absolutely lovely.

“He was the type of person who needs you as much as you need him. He was full of cuddles.”

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