Mark Denton murder trial: Judge says killers carried out ‘massacre’

Teesside Crown Court
Teesside Crown Court

THE judge in the Mark Denton murder trial said his killers carried out a “planned and ferocious attack” with an axe.

The Honourable Mr Justice Green said David Sowerby, who struck the fatal blow to Mark, in a revenge attack, had been “utterly careless” about whether Mark lived or died.

He described the killing, which inficted what a paramedic described as the worst injuries he had ever seen on someone, as “a massacre”.

Mr Justice Green told Sowerby, who he jailed for 27 years: “Your slaughter of him devastated his parents who have endured sitting through this shocking trial.

“You have brought devastation to the Denton family.”

The judge said Middleton, jailed for 23 years, had been “sucked into your older brother’s mindless, stupid desire for revenge”.