Mark Denton murder trial: Paramedic tells court he has ‘never witnessed such horrific injuries on a human’

MURDERED: Mark Denton
MURDERED: Mark Denton

A PARAMEDIC who raced to Mark Denton’s aid told a court his injuries were the worst he had ever seen.

David Brammer was part of an ambulance crew that responded to an emergency call at 10.18pm on New Year’s Eve to the house in Hutton Avenue.

The arrived within three minutes of the call.

In a statement read out at Teesside Crown Court on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Brammer said: “I noticed four police vehicles in the street which made me immediately think it was a serious incident.”

Mr Brammer went into the room where Mark was lying on the floor with numerous serious injuries.

His girlfriend Sarah Kinnie was with him and holding his hand.

Mr Brammer said Mark had a deep gash to his face but was still conscious.

He also had several large cuts to his back which were bleeding heavily.

Mr Brammer added: “I can honestly say in 20 years being a paramedic I have never witnessed such horrific injuries inflicted on a human being.”

Mark’s family wept in the public gallery as the distressing details were read out.

He was taken to the ambulance on a stretcher and rushed to James Cook University Hospital by ambulance.

But during the journey Mark went into cardiac arrest and Mr Brammer and PC Jonathan Ryan performed CPR chest pumps in a bid to save him.

He tragically never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead shortly after he arrived at the hospital.

The trial also heard testimony from two police officers who responded to initial calls that someone had been stabbed with an axe at 10.14 on Tuesday, December 31.

PC Ryan told how two women in the room where Mark was injured, including Miss Kinnie, were “in hysterics”.

PC Anthony Wallace, who was stationed outside, described how many of the partygoers had fled the house and were in the street.

He said he spoke to guest Stephen Connolly who said: “I witnessed it all, it was horrible.”

Another man said: “I can’t believe it,” said PC Wallace.

The trial continues.

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