Mark Denton’s mum wanted son’s funeral to be ‘like he was going back into the boxing ring’

Mark Denton's funeral
Mark Denton's funeral

ANN says burying her beloved son was the hardest thing she has ever had to do, but smiles at some of the memories from his funeral.

The funeral saw almost 1,000 mourners turn up at the Borough Hall on the Headland to give Mark a unique send-off.

And Ann says if her son was looking down on proceedings, then it he would have seen it was exactly how he would have wanted it to be.

“Craig’s wife Donna really took control of the funeral,” said Ann.

“People were asking me what I wanted, but all I wanted was my son back.

“It was special how it all worked out, especially with it being in the Borough Hall.

“When he was boxing, Mark practically lived in there, so it made sense to go there.

“People set up a fundraising page which covered the cost of the funeral. We never asked for that, but it was a way of people showing they cared.

“One of his friends paid for the Borough Hall, another paid for the horse and carriage.

“We were just overwhelmed by it all, the generosity that people showed us and how much Mark meant to them.



“I asked if we could have the Bongo song on, that was what he used to go into the ring to. He loved that song.

“When we walked in behind his coffin, I wanted it to be like he was going back into the boxing ring.

“The service was lovely, it wasn’t all black and mournful, it was a celebration of his life. They played some rave music and people smiled at the memories of him.

“After the service we went to the cemetery. I released some doves, and threw a rose onto his coffin.

“We said goodbye, then we went back to the Borough Hall.

“I remember my voice had gone, I’d spoken to that many people.

“I think I had a brandy, and some of the lasses got me up to dance with them for a few minutes. The music was playing and it sounds daft, but it was nice.

“Me and Brian came home in a taxi, and when we walked in the door we were just emotionally drained.

“I remember going upstairs and sitting on Mark’s bed. I talked to him, and I have done every day since.”

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