Mark Dixon’s daughter ‘inconsolable’ at his loss – family release statement after manslaughter verdict

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THE family of Mark Dixon have released an emotional statement after Paul Sutton was found guilty of his manslaughter.

Here it is in full:

“Mark was taken from us in such sudden tragic circumstances it really is hard to put into words the loss we feel.

“Mark was a devoted husband, son, brother, cousin, nephew, grandson and friend to so many but more importantly he was a daddy to our 6 year old daughter Ella.

“Mark wasn’t just her daddy he was Ella’s best friend, they were so close they did everything together and Mark devoted all his time to her.

“Since Mark has passed away Ella has been inconsolable. She still believes her daddy is coming back and I have to remind her everyday when she wakes that he isn’t.

“We have been unable to grieve properly due to the trial process, knowing the person responsible has been living his life whilst we are without Mark and then having to sit and listen to Mark being described as the instigator in this incident which led to his death is too hard to put into words.

“We can now tell Ella in time that the person responsible for her not having her daddy has been brought to justice.

“Nothing will take the pain away from losing Mark but it is comforting to know that justice has been served. The police have conducted a thorough and professional investigation and Sutton has finally got the punishment we feel he deserves.”

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