Menace threatened to send humiliating pictures to victim's parents

Newcastle Crown Court
Newcastle Crown Court

A serial pest who threatened to send humiliating pictures of his ex to her parents has been spared jail.

Mark Beadling, who has previous convictions for harassing former partners and breaching court orders to stay away, sent a series of sinister texts to his victim between June and July last year.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 26-year-old garage boss warned he would target the woman's home by cutting the internet supply, damaging wires and even vowed to set fire to decking.

During further messages Beadling, who had already been issued with a restraining order which banned contact, sent threats surrounding his victim's use of social media.

Prosecutor Shaun Dryden told the court: "He said at one point he had plenty of pictures and videos to go around and could send them to her mum and dad.

"During further messages he again complained she appeared to have been on Facebook and other social media."

The court heard one text said: "You think pictures and videos have been deleted but I've got plenty to go around so please do enjoy. Humiliation is the best."

The victim told police at the time she was "petrified" of Beadling but later withdrew any support for the prosecution.

Beadling, of Whigham Terrace, Hobson, Durham, admitted breach of a restraining order.

Judge Tim Gittins sentenced him to three months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, with rehabilitation requirements and a three month night time curfew.

The judge said Beadling could be given "one final chance" as he appeared to have "finally woken up" to his responsibilities.

Judge Gittins told him: "You are obviously a hard working, otherwise law abiding man but your attitude, both to previous partners and to court orders is disgusting.

"Some of the texts you sent, not just in anger on the spur of the moment but time over time, between June and July last year, were unpleasant, threatening and completely uncalled for."

The judge said the threats and name calling contained in the texts were "disgraceful" and that Beadling avoided an immediate jail term by a "hair's breadth".

Rachel Hedworth, defending, said Beadling, who is now in a new relationship, is appalled by his own behaviour, which was "born out of anger".

Miss Hedworth added: "Things had got completely out of control. Things have calmed down significantly."