Mother’s Day heartache

Julie Fletcher
Julie Fletcher

THE mum of missing dad Scott Fletcher has spoken of her heartache at spending Mother’s Day without her son.

She also revealed how his toddler daughter is struggling to cope with his disappearance.

Scott Fletcher with his daughter Lucie

Scott Fletcher with his daughter Lucie

Five-year-old Lucie waves and talks to photos of Scott when she visits her grandma’s house each weekend.

The youngster has been told her 27-year-old dad is working away as her family struggle to cope with his disappearance.

Concerns are mounting as he has not been seen for the last 10 months, despite police carrying out a national search.

Left, Scott Fletcher with his daughter Lucie

His worried parents, Julie and John Fletcher, are besides themselves with worry as each day passes without hearing from their son and are set to spend Mother’s Day without him.

Julie, who lives in the Bishop Cuthbert area of town, said: “We have told his daughter he is working away. Most weekends she will come and stay and ask about him.

“She gets distressed when she sees his photo. She cries and talks to it, then says ‘bye, bye daddy’ and waves.

“It’s really heartbreaking to see a little girl stood there crying at a photo when you have no answers.

“She has just turned five and is the apple of his eye.

“As adults we can cope, as hard as it is, but for Lucie it must be very difficult.”

Scott, who is brother to Louise Burns, 38, and Melanie Evans, 42, was last seen on May 11 at around 8.20pm in the lay-by opposite the Jet garage on the A181 at Wheatley Hill.

A police probe has extended to the Durham, Cumbria and Liverpool areas, as it is believed the former Fens Primary School and Manor College of Technology pupil has connections there.

Julie, a community manager at St Hild’s C of E School, said: “This weekend is going to be hard for all of us.

“Scott was very family orientated, so every occasion he is not there for is very difficult.

“We still have no idea what has happened. The police have been marvellous and very supportive, but we are no closer to knowing where he is.”

Detective Chief Inspector Jon Green, of Hartlepool Police, still believes there are people with information that could help in his search.

He said: “The longer that Scott is missing, the more anxious we are to find him.

“It is important that anyone with information regarding Scott’s whereabouts comes forward and speaks to us. If necessary, this can be done in confidence.

“Scott’s family need answers and I believe that someone local has those answers.”

Anyone with information regarding Scott’s whereabouts is asked to contact Det Chf Insp Green of Hartlepool Police on the non-emergency 101 number or (01642) 326326.