Mum and son hid in bedroom after drunk invaded their Hartlepool home

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A TERRIFIED mum barricaded herself and her son in a bedroom after a drunk and drugged-up intruder walked into their home.

Burglar Christopher Raw followed the woman into her home after she caught him in her elderly neighbour’s next door garden on the Headland.

Teesside Crown Court heard the 31-year-old had tried to break into the pensioner’s home and cut his hand on a broken window.

The mum spoke briefly to Raw to ask him what he was doing before she made an excuse to go back inside and call the police.

But Raw followed her in, prompting the mum to barricade herself in her young son’s bedroom where he had asleep in bed.

Prosecutor Sue Jacobs said: “While calling the police she went into her son’s room.

“She heard a male voice and went to the top of the stairs where she saw the defendant at the bottom.

“At that point she was really frightened for her and her son.

“She shouted ‘don’t come up, don’t come up’.”

But Raw, who was drunk and had taken numerous tablets, did go upstairs and into the woman’s bathroom.

Ms Jacobs added: “She ran into her son’s bedroom, shut the door and placed a chair against the door while giving a running commentary to police.”

Raw asked the woman to call him an ambulance for his bleeding hand and tried the handle to the bedroom where the woman and her son were.

He then announced he was leaving before falling down the stairs.

After he had left, the woman discovered Raw had stolen four watches from her bedroom.

He was arrested by police nearby and later admitted burglary and attempted burglary.

Andrew Teate, mitigating, for Raw, of Templeton Close, Hartlepool, said: “He took a quantity of alcohol and tablets, then the night is somewhat of a haze.

“He had no intention to hurt her. He accepts the seriousness of it.”

Jailing Raw for 18 months, Judge Peter Armstrong said: “She was terrified. She had no idea what you had in mind.”

Judge Armstrong said the case was aggravated because there was a child in the house and Raw was on drink and drugs.