Mystery object animal remains

AN “unexplained object” that caused police to shut off a road for more than four hours turned out to be the remains of an animal.

It comes after police carried out tests following fears the two-inch long item that was found on a Hartlepool Marina path could have been human.

The Mail reported yesterday how they shut Middleton Road at 11.55am on Tuesday after a passer-by called the police about their fleshy find.

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: “It was removed and a specialist scientific unit carried out tests yesterday.

“Following these tests, officers can confirm that the small object is the remains of an animal. The tests had been carried out to determine whether the remains may have been human as this couldn’t be distinguished at the scene.”

Police tape was put up near the Marina Way roundabout as a specialist scientific unit was called out to examine the item and to take it away.

Motorists were forced to drive along Harbour Walk to get to the marina until the cordon was lifted at around 4pm.

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