New police warning to Snapchat users to beware malicious links

Police have issued a new warning to Snapchat users.
Police have issued a new warning to Snapchat users.

Cybercrime officers are warning Snapchat users to be aware of a new threat to their personal information and photos after malicious links were posted through the social media app.

On some occasions the links were sent by friends and other times by a new contact claiming to have photos of the victim to tempt them to click on the link.

When the link is clicked, the victim is prompted to enter their username and password at a Facebook login screen.

But they then find their account has been taken over and it has been used to send the malicious link on to further contacts.

Cleveland Police say some users have lost private information including personal photos contained within private messages.

Police believe at this point the malicious link points to a malicious Facebook app which will sit on a user’s account to harvest private data.

Facebook users are therefore advised to routinely check what apps they have synchronised to their Facebook account and to remove any that they are not comfortable with.

Below is a guide for checking your Facebook apps through an internet browser:

1 - Navigate to settings;

2 – Click on Apps;

3 – Remove any apps you aren’t comfortable with.

Here’s a guide for people using Facebook Mobile:

1 – Tap on the menu button;

2 – Scroll down and tap on App settings;

3 – Tap on Apps;

4 – Remove any apps you aren’t comfortable with

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