‘OAP stabbed and robbed in his own home’

A PENSIONER told a court how a man forced his way into his home late at night and threatened him before stabbing him in the hand.

The 74-year-old Hartlepool man described how he was pinned down on his sofa and attacked after he refused to buy a car radio from a young man who knocked on his door.

The pensioner said his attacker threatened to kill him and demanded money before stealing two jackets and fleeing on a bike.

John Robinson, 24, is accused of being the intruder after his fingerprint was found on a bag containing a car radio allegedly left at the scene by the attacker.

Robinson, who denies the allegations, is standing trial at Teesside Crown Court.

The pensioner, who lives on his own, said he was sitting at home when a man knocked on his door at 11pm on Sunday, November 7.

He said the man claimed his grandad was interested in buying the man’s camper van parked outside and went inside his house.

Before being attacked, he said the intruder also inquired about buying his mobility scooter which was in the front room and went in the kitchen after asking for a drink of water.

The pensioner said: “He wanted to know if I wanted to buy a car stereo and I said no. I had an idea it was pinched.

“I said you’ll have to go. That’s when he pushed me on to the couch.

“That’s when he took advantage to jump on top of us and said ‘I’m going to kill you, I want the money.’

“He had one hand on my throat and a knife or something with a point.”

The man said the attacker then stabbed him in his right hand with a knife or some scissors.

He said his attacker ran out of the house after grabbing two jackets that were hanging on a vacuum cleaner.

His next door neighbour told the trial she heard shouting coming from the house and someone say “shut up and stay down”. But she believed at the time that the pensioner could have been talking to his dog.

The pensioner’s daughter claimed Robinson tried to sell her family the same car radio for £20 when he visited her home earlier that night and asked if her dad wanted it.

Robin Denny, defending, suggested she took the radio round to her dad’s house a few days after he was robbed.

Both the woman and the alleged victim denied that.

Robinson, of Windermere Road, Hartlepool, claims he was in bed at the time of the attack after taking several sleeping tablets that afternoon.

The trial continues.