Pint-sized yob who terrorised Hartlepool neighbours slapped with Asbo

Raby Road, Hartlepool
Raby Road, Hartlepool

THIS is the baby-faced thug who has been slapped with a two-year Asbo for making the lives of her neighbours a living “hell”.

Despite her youthful looks and pint-sized build, Stacey Robinson subjected families living near her home in Raby Road, Hartlepool, to a two-month reign of terror with a succession of anti-social incidents.

Residents told how she shouted abuse at all hours, had a string of visitors turning up at her flat in the middle of the night causing disturbances and was often heard making threats about “stabbing” people.

The behaviour of the 24-year-old was so bad that some neighbours said their children were too scared to walk past her house.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s Community Safety Team compiled a case against Robinson and presented it to justices at Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court.

But despite justices handing out a two-year Anti-Social Behaviour Order, one neighbour admitted she doubted whether the order would make any difference.

The neighbour, who admitted she was “frightened” to be identified, said: “She has been a complete nightmare.

“She was making a nuisance of herself at all hours, people are always coming and going at all times of the night and even the kids in the street are too scared to walk on her side of the road.

“It has been hell. We are all hoping this ASBO works, although we can’t see it.”

A court document says the ASBO was requested because “the defendant has acted on numerous occasions between October 2013 to December 2013 at Raby Road, Hartlepool, in an anti-social manner that caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to people not of the same household as herself”.

After hearing details of the anti-social behaviour caused by Robinson and her associates, a two-year ASBO was granted which bans her from:

• using insulting, abusive, intimidating or threatening words or behaviour in the presence of any member of the public,

• allowing a man called Andrew Vale, 30, to enter any property in Hartlepool, for which Robinson has either a licence or tenancy agreement, while behaving in a disorderly manner,

• allowing any visitor or occupant in the property to engage in any behaviour which causes or is likely to cause members of the public nuisance or annoyance.

A council spokesman said: “On Wednesday, January 29, our Community Safety Team obtained an ASBO against Miss Stacey Ann Robinson of Raby Road, Hartlepool, at the town’s Magistrates’ Court.

“The order was obtained due to harassment, alarm and distress being caused to vulnerable members of the public by the anti-social behaviour of Miss Robinson and visitors to her property.

“The council works very closely with the police and other agencies in addressing anti-social behaviour and we will continue to use all of the powers at our disposal to make Hartlepool a safer place.”

The ASBO is in place from January 29, 2014, to January 28, 2016.

Anyone who breaches an ASBO or any of the conditions attached to it will then have the matter dealt with as a criminal offence.

Depending on the how severely the conditions have been broken, this could lead to a fine or up to five years in prison.