Police charity bikers praised

POLICE bikers have been praised for taking part in a £22,000 fundraising drive.

Officers from the Motorcycle Section within Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit are being recognised by the Boundary 500 Group for playing their part in raising more than £22,000 for local charities.

A certificate will be presented to Assistant Chief Constable Sean White on behalf of the officers who have helped to raise cash for the Great North Air Ambulance and for Zoe’s Place, which has been Cleveland Police’s chosen charity for the last five years.

The officers were instrumental in a Santa run in 2011 that saw scores of motorbikes go through high streets across Teesside.

Assistant Chief Constable Sean White, of Cleveland Police, said: “The joint Cleveland Police and Durham Constabulary Motorcycle Unit are delighted and proud to have supported the Boundary 500 Group in their valued endeavour to raise large amounts of money for important local charities. 

“Both police forces have a proud tradition of professional motorcycling and to make use of this capability in support of important charity work has been both a pleasure and a privilege.”

Keith Fisher, from the Boundary 500 Group, said: “On this occasion The Boundary 500 Group have had certificates of appreciation produced in recognition of the unstinting help which was provided by others in the raising of over £22,000 for Zoe’s Place in a Santa run of many motorcycles which paraded through the high streets of Teesside town centres. 

“The reality is that this would simply be neither safe nor possible without the essential help from Road Policing Unit in general and the Motorcycle Section in particular.”