Police chief welcomes lengthy prison terms

Superintendent Glenn Gudgeon Hartlepool's District Commander.
Superintendent Glenn Gudgeon Hartlepool's District Commander.

A POLICE chief has welcomed the long jail terms handed out to two cruel robbers.

Superintendent Glenn Gudgeon, of Hartlepool Police, hopes the lengthy sentences will not only punish the callous pair, but also act as a warning to other thugs.

He told the Mail after hearing the judge’s decision: “This sends out a strong message that crimes of this nature will not be tolerated by society and the criminal justice system.

“The length of the sentences are representative of the trauma that the victim went through, and it should be a warning to those contemplating committing such acts.

“The courts have rightly taken this matter very seriously and we are pleased with the length of the sentences handed out.

“Serious offences like this are rare in Hartlepool, but when they do occur it is important those responsible are brought to justice and are dealt with.”

Supt Gudgeon is also hoping people learn from the terrifying attack and repeated the message that householders should never let anybody into their homes if they do not know who they are and they can not provide identification.

He said: “People pretend to be friendly, asking for a glass of water or saying there’s a tile missing on the roof or they just need to read the meter. There’s a whole host of tricks.

“Vulnerable and elderly people are particularly susceptible to such con men, so we would ask their families to try and raise their awareness and keep them safe.”