Police probe hit-and-run incident in Hartlepool

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POLICE are investigating a hit-and-run incident in Hartlepool.

A Fiat car was travelling along Raby Road when it hit a pedestrian.

The force of the smash left the man lying in the road.

The car involved is then said to have driven away from the scene.

Paramedics, who were travelling along the road shortly after the incident, came across the man on the ground and stopped to help.

They, in turn, contacted the police, and officers went to the scene at 11.30pm on Friday. The man is said to have escaped any serious injury and refused any hospital treatment.

A short time later the vehicle that was allegedly involved was found, and a man was arrested.

He is helping police with their inquiries.

A spokesman for the police said: “A man, believed to be the driver of the car, was located and is helping with inquiries.”