Police seek help for injured officer

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POLICE have issued an unusual request for the public to help an officer injured while on duty.

Cleveland Police is seeking advice and guidance to help an officer who needs specifically adapted disposable gloves to carry out his duties.

The officer, who wishes to remain anonymous, had a finger amputated following an on-duty injury.

Police say as a result, five-fingered latex gloves aren’t now suitable when he is dealing with incidents that require him to use gloves to protect him from blood and other liquids.

The force says alternative options have been explored, including commissioning the manufacture of adapted gloves.

But responses suggest the gloves would have to be made in extremely large quantities costing many tens of thousands of pounds.

With disposable gloves in demand in a number of service industries throughout the UK, the force is asking for assistance from any organisations or groups who may have had to support members of staff with similar challenges.

The appeal is also being made to manufacturers who may be able to help in producing gloves that will fit the officer and provide protection in quantities that will not result in the stock piling of thousands of gloves.

Deputy Chief Constable Iain Spittal said: “We are currently looking at ways to support this officer in his frontline role.

“For this reason I am appealing for assistance and ideas from other organisations and the wider public.

“Disposable gloves are used across a many industries including health, manufacturing and food preparation. It may be that there are people who have experience of commissioning adapted versions of gloves that will provide the barrier necessary.”

Anyone who believes they could help can call the non-emergency number 101 or respond through the Cleveland Police website feedback form.