Police to enforce no-alcohol policy on trains ahead of Sunderland’s cup final

Wembley Stadium
Wembley Stadium

BRITISH Transport Police officers will be at stations and on board ‘dry’ trains heading to and from London for Sunderland’s cup final.

The Black Cats take on Manchester City in the Capital One Cup final at 2pm on Sunday with around 40,000 people expected to be travelling down from the North East to Wembley.

British Transport Police (BTP) chiefs have now issued a warning to those making their way south on trains that services will have a no alcohol policy.

All East Coast services from Newcastle to Kings Cross on Saturday and trains departing on Sunday between 7.30am and 8.55am will be ‘dry trains’, meaning no alcohol can be bought, carried or drank on board.

Alcohol will also be banned on the firm’s trains leaving from London between 5.12pm and 9.45pm.

All Grand Central trains heading north after the game will be ‘dry’.

Supporters are also being reminded that there is a strict no alcohol policy on the London Underground at all times.

Chief Inspector Derek O’Mara, said: “Trains to and from London from the North East are expected to be exceptionally busy on Saturday and Sunday. The majority of services are now fully booked with all seats reserved.

“I’m sure supporters will enjoy the occasion on Sunday, and continue to represent the club in a positive manner. We’ve built a really good relationship with the Sunderland fans over the past few seasons, having travelled with them on some memorable away days.”

BTP officers will be at stations and on board trains alongside travelling fans on the way to and from London.

“Fans should not be concerned to see increased numbers of officers at stations and on the services to and from London over the weekend,” said Chf Insp O’Mara.

“Trains can become extremely busy during major sporting events such as this and we would urge fans to consider other passengers at all times. The trains to and from London will not only have fans travelling to and from the game but also regular travellers who may not be used to travelling football fans in such large numbers. We are asking fans to keep this in mind when travelling and to moderate their language and behaviour.

“The vast majority of Sunderland fans are a credit to their club and enjoy supporting their team in good spirits, and we look forward to again welcoming them on to the rail network for this historic game on Sunday.

“However, if there is a small minority of fans who are intent on causing trouble and disorder, they can be assured that they will be dealt with robustly.

“The most important thing is that fans enjoy the occasion and have a great day out. We’re looking forward to working closely with the club and its supporters to ensure this happens.”