Police warn parents about Christmas presents that could see them prosecuted

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POLICE have issued a prosecution warning to parents who let their kids ride off-road vehicles illegally.

The warning from Cleveland Police comes ahead of Christmas when some mums and dads might think of buying off-road bikes, quad bikes, scooters, mini-motos and other small petrol engine machines, as presents.

Officers are warning that the off-road vehicles can be seized if ridden without insurance or on land where it is not permitted, under the Road Traffic Act 1988, which could leave youngsters disappointed. Inspector Lee Rukin, from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said: “Many people can be unaware of the responsibilities and laws around owning off-road vehicles.

“We would encourage those who are intending to purchase one to do their background research first.

“The most common misconceptions are that they can be ridden on a road or on public land and that no insurance is needed.

“This is not true.You need insurance when in control of a motor vehicle in public. Parents could be prosecuted for permitting their child to ride on a road or public place, which could affect their own motor insurance.”